Equal Give and Take

Getting to know ourselves, from deep within, is something that takes a lot of courage and honesty. There is a process involved that asks us to be completely truthful about who we really are. You know those parts; the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is in the moment when we can openly say, “Here I am, With All… View Post

The Alchemy of Transformation

Happy Sunday Everyone! There have been, and I am sure there will be, many choices along the path of midlife that have challenged me to remain open and be perhaps even less guarded. To be able to stand in the shade of this mighty oak tree with the knowing that it’s energy flows through me, gives me a calm strength.… View Post

What If It Does?

How many times do we tell ourselves that things are not going according to plan? What if, instead, we have the internal dialogue that summons the courage to state that indeed, it all is happening for the best possible outcome? Over the past six months, I have travelled cross country from the sandy, sun kissed beaches of the Pacific Ocean… View Post

Learning to Breathe in the Pause

I have been on a bit of a break recently. I tasked myself with putting Social Media and my Blog on pause while I have been gently recalibrating my priorities for going forward into 2021. There have been many reasons in my life for this. Let me say I am a believer that the best changes in life are to… View Post

The Changing Rhythm of Life

There has been a shift. It is one so profound that I’m certain I will not ever be able to fit myself into the same place, the same way ever again. I have deconstructed my days and created something entirely new and wonderful. The rhythm is as old as the earth and the vibration has taken me deeper. How can… View Post

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