Remembering the Ties that Bind ‘23

On New Year’s Morning my family lost a very special woman. My Aunt Rita passed peacefully in her sleep at the age of 99. She would actually have been 100 this Spring, in April. Rita was responsible for so many beautiful things in my life, most importantly, she taught me how to see and implement style and grace into my everyday life.

Rita M. Pallozzi
April 15, 1923 – January 1, 2023

There are women in my life who were put on my path purposely from the Universe to help me become the best version of myself. Rita was definitely one of my blessings. Strong, opinionated, generous, kind, loving and always impeccably put together, she was a pioneer in her day and always someone I looked up to.

We all attempt to live today as fully as we can, with no regrets. Over the past few years, Rita’s sheer will power allowed her to survive three bouts of Covid and Legionnaires disease. The obvious result of this unfortunately, was the time she endured in solitude. I do not allow my frustrations of what I wasn’t able to do in these circumstances take hold. Rather, instead, I will place a piece of Rita’s heart into much of what I do going forward. Bring the best forward and leave the rest behind. You, dear Lady, are so loved and will always be in my heart.

This multigenerational line up of women from the paternal side of my family, shows not only our strong Italian gene pool, but also is a tribute to the bonds that have tied us together so tightly throughout time. There is no mistaking us for anything but family. Rita was my aunt and Sophia’s great aunt. Sophia is my niece, and perhaps one day she will make me a great aunt.

We are all unique and fabulous in our own individual ways. When we can come together and authentically share these attributes with our loved ones, I would say this makes us pretty lucky. Not everyone has the opportunity or the acceptance to just “be” around family. Sometimes too many preconceived expectations cloud the view. This is one area of life that means a lot to me. By some grace much bigger than me, I have had the support to stand strong in my individuality. This is also something I inherently welcome my loved ones to be in my presence. Free.

I am getting a lot of clarity on a few things that have been challenging me from last year. I have been spending less and less time on all of the social media platforms and instead, embracing my quiet routine of long walks with Leo, my 12 year old Aussie. I really can’t put my finger on it, but those solitary walks afford me a peace like nothing else ever does. There is no pressure to do anything but breathe and move my body. With every step along the way, I become less of a frenetic thinker and am more focused on what truly helps me to thrive. I embrace my strengths and abilities by respecting the fact that I am exactly where I am meant to be in any given moment. Everything I conceive and believe to be true, is. I know what I want in my life and I am completely OK without having it all today. The day will come when it will arrive and it will be perfectly on time.

With the winter storms creating havoc in the northern parts of California, here in San Diego, we have been experiencing quite a show of huge waves on the Pacific. The size of the rocks being washed upon the shore is something I never see. Usually, Shell Beach is a sandy haven for beach goers in search of shells.

There is always a reason to believe in the unknown. The energy that the ocean is capable of producing always makes me wonder about my own potentiality. When I am in alignment with my source, I inherently know I am not limited. I think about the army of my ancestors who came before me, and what they all must be thinking about the world I exist in today. All I really know for certain is that I do the very best I can everyday with what I have to work with. Truly, it is all that should be expected of anyone on any given day.

The Ties That Bind

As we begin a new week, my wish is that we are able to meet each day’s tasks with smiles on our faces and an openness to succeed in our hearts. Doing what we can do, bringing the best forward, let Peace be in our hearts.

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  1. Barbara Spain
    January 20, 2023 / 1:31 am01

    Hello Diana,
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your beloved Aunt Rita. The picture that you posted of her deeply radiates her inner strength and beauty. From your writings I sense that your aunt was a wonderful role model for yourself and others. I greatly admired the three generational photos you included. Such a beautiful legacy of the strong women in your family!
    Shell Beach is now rock beach! I enlarged the photo of the beach so I could “see” the gigantic rocks that the waves dropped off! Such a transformation! I wonder, will the next large swell reclaim those boulders?
    Wishing you continued moments of reflection and peace.

    • 93zingara
      January 24, 2023 / 1:31 am01

      Dear Barbara,
      Thank you so very much for your kindness. It is truly a time of reflection in my life. There are so many things changing and I’m just trying my best to keep open to the flow. After all of the rain, the sun does truly shine once again. Sending you all my best.

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