May All That is Good Be Yours

Celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year!

This past Saturday afternoon the troop of dancing dragons, lions and percussionists arrived at noon on West Lewis Street in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego. They brought with them all of the energy and enthusiasm necessary to create a spectacular street performance that blessed everyone present, along with their families and businesses.

Peace and Prosperity✨🧧✨ in the Year of the Rabbit✨🐰✨

Southern Sea Dragon and Lion Dance Association

The Year of the Rabbit will be a favorable time for most zodiac signs. We can expect success in love and career advancement, along with vibrant health. The Year of the Rabbit brings with it peace, harmony and tranquility. Sounds like it will be a well balanced year ahead!

This is the second time in my life that I have been fortunate enough to see this performance live with the dance troop right in front of me. It is an experience that stays with me long after the show is over. There are traditional costumes and drum beats, along with the blessings that the dragons and lions bestow upon each of the spectators. It is something I adore being a part of.

I am always in awe of the collaborative efforts of my friends when they combine their talents and create these beautiful afternoons for everyone to enjoy.

La Zingara Style
Photo📸by Jimmy Ferrari

With over 20% of the globe celebrating the Lunar New Year, of course there are many legends and myths that accompany the festivities. This is a time to welcome the New Year with smiles and let the good fortune and happiness continue forward.

Firecrackers are set off because they are meant to scare off monsters and bad luck! Many people around the world stay up on Lunar New Year’s Eve and set off firecrackers at midnight. In the morning, firecrackers are used again to welcome the New Year and all of the Good Luck!

And those Firecrackers 🧨 certainly got everyone’s attention!

As the Lunar New Year is celebrated over the course of a couple of weeks, it culminates with the Festival of Lanterns. It is time to let go of our old selves and welcome in all that the Rabbit will bring with our hearts wide open.

May All That is Good Be Yours

✨🧧✨Gong Hei Fat Choi!💫🐰💫
Photo📸by Jimmy Ferrari

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  1. La Contessa
    January 30, 2023 / 1:31 am01

    Have we ever had a bad time on West Lewis Street?!!!!
    Looks like a fun filled DAY!I spy a few SOULS I know!

    • 93zingara
      January 30, 2023 / 1:31 am01

      It was truly a fun day! Last year was the first time we celebrated this event outside of the Château. The group literally tripled in that year! You would have enjoyed the energy of all of our friends. It was so supportive and loving. I hope you are on the mend. I’m very happy to know Banksy is doing ok!

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