International Women’s Day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023

Celebrating WOMEN all over the world today and everyday is just about the most empowering thing we can do for ourselves and each other! By embracing equity, we create a deeper connection and understanding of the unique and diverse nature of each and every individual we meet.

We all have our own SUPER POWER! Whether we are scientists, artists, story tellers, advocates for awareness, healers, or strong shoulders to lean on, each of us has the ability to make a difference in our families, friendships and communities. Each of us has unique perspectives and life experiences that have helped to forge our individual characters. How we choose to use these gifts is where our innate strength is determined.

Where there is love and friendship, there is acceptance. It spans many cultures and generations, and stretches beyond the tangible to forge its roots deep within the human heart. Miracles begin to pour into our lives at an unstoppable rate elevating us mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Innately, we just know that when we are around certain individuals, we feel GOOD!

It all begins with choosing to remain open hearted. My mom, Connie, has been a stellar example of this throughout my entire life. If ever there has been or is a woman who embodies the ability to give unconditional love and respect, it is without a doubt, her. Her open minded approach to life is fearless. While others may open their minds in a limited manner for fear of their brains falling out, she steadfastly walks into each and every moment of her life with her heart, mind and arms wide open to receive. She truly inspires me to walk alongside her and learn every single day!

When I am in creating mode for La Zingara, I get truly wrapped up in the storytelling of each individual piece. My feeling is that like us, each piece is one of a kind, uniquely designed and unlike any other in this universe. We actually should be thinking of ourselves as collector’s items, with the human heart being the most precious commodity of all. This unparalleled resource has unlimited power and potentiality.

The same Ava Leopard Tapestry Handbag, or is it?

What can’t we learn from a dog! Leo is in his happiest place, underfoot in the kitchen. I cannot believe he will be 13 this autumn, in November. He has been having a little difficulty getting himself moving lately, but his overall health and wellness is very good. He is the most patient and kind animal I have ever known. We have our routine throughout the day and he never shows up with anything but a smile and a genuinely kind heart.

Sometimes when I am writing this blog, I am afraid that my words will not be seen or heard, or maybe even misinterpreted. Then I think, if I never share my ideas, they will forever remain silent. Better to write.

“Pari opportunitá; non è una donna che fa l’uomo, ma una donna libera di essere donna.” ~Fabrizio Caramagna

Loosely translated means that equal opportunities exist not for the woman who stands behind a man but for the woman who is free to be a woman in her entirety.

On this International Women’s Day, Silver Sisters around the world are wearing red today to stand strong together against ageism and the outdated beliefs that have for so long threatened to make us obsolete. All I can say is that I’m just beginning to hit my stride. With each step I take, with each choice I make, I am creating a world where I can and do shine with brilliance, strength and a heart that confidently knows how to love with limitless boundaries. I set the stage for what is possible and how it will come into the light.

Everyday we have the ability to choose to stand strong in what we believe is good and right in this world. It is when we feel powerless and turn our gaze away from the brutal realities of the world around us that we relinquish our voice to be heard. Standing strong in the face of darkness, having faith that the Light will always beckon us forward, pushing the limits of what we think we are capable of, these are the building materials that give us internal grit. As we learn to ask the difficult questions, challenging ourselves to grow in ways we weren’t even able to conceive of in the past, we stand ready to grow and THRIVE.

I would love to hear your thoughts about aging and any other ideas you might share about women who are just starting their journey in the Silver Sisterhood. All I can say with confidence is that it is quite an exciting experience!


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  1. March 8, 2023 / 9:00 am

    Aging is NOT EASY!Keep moving and enjoy the things we take for GRANTED!
    In a flash you can have a spider web hanging out in your eyeball annoying you no end!Cant see the small print.The body does not work like it once did!KEEP PRACTICING THE INDIAN STYLE SITTING POSITION and flexing those feet!
    Gosh who are all those NEW PEOPLE AT THE CHATEAU!!!

    • 93zingara
      March 8, 2023 / 9:32 am

      There are so many new and beautiful faces at the Château these days. Every Saturday there is a reason to get dressed and show up there. From birthday celebrations, holiday fetes, and even a premier baby shower, we all come together to uplift each other. It is quite a special and unique experience to share in.
      As for sitting Indian style, you got that right! The hips, legs and accompanying muscles groan some mornings! And so do I!😘One way or another, you and I will visit together very soon!
      Grazie Bella XOX

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