My Story

My story begins with the freedom I found in the great outdoors as a young girl growing up in Upstate New York. With ponds and forests, the beautiful Adirondack lakes and mountains, and the open farm lands beckoning for adventure, I was never one to turn away from an opportunity to explore somewhere new.

This fueled my imagination and gave wings to my creativity. I absolutely love working with my hands. Whether in the kitchen, outdoor gardens or creating new designs for La Zingara (which translates from Italian to The Gypsy), I am definitely happiest surrounded by beautiful things that fill my senses.

Join me as I create everyday with an Artist’s Heart and a Gypsy’s Soul.

La Zingara’s Story

While I admit that I have always loved to create beautiful things, whether through cooking amazing food, growing bountiful gardens, or other artistic endeavors, it was the time spent with my Uncle Charlie that gave life to this small artisan business.

I was very fortunate to spend a lot of quality time with him learning how to cut and tool beautiful leathers. It was a daily learning process, much like that of the master teaching his apprentice the patience and nuance of an artisan craft. Just when I thought that I had perfected a piece of leather, Charlie would hold it in his hand, eyes closed, and tell me that I was close, but to look again.

I learned how to slow down and master patience. I also learned that time spent with someone so gifted was just the balm of love and support that we all need on our journeys.

He gave me a gift to share with the world. He is the inspiration.


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