Transitioning to Autumn: Simply the Best

How many of us wish we could look through that magical crystal ball and see what the future holds for us? I don’t know about you, but there sure are days that I’d like a few more answers to the questions I have right now. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Recently, my son and I did something together that…


My Gal Pals: Support in the Brightest Way

Today is National Girlfriends Day 2022 Every woman has a story. We all have journeyed 1000 miles towards a better version of ourselves. We continue on this path knowing that there are bright stars along the way to help guide us. Today, I am taking a moment to appreciate and show gratitude for the women I call my friends. Without…


Making the Impossible Possible

Often when I am working, I am so deep in thought and concentration that I don’t realize just how connected I become to my creativity. In the moment I stand back and look at what I have made, I am always a little surprised, in the best of ways, at the final outcome. My friend and San Diego clothing designer,…


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