I Am: Infinitely All Things

As 2020 begins, I must say say that for me, it brings with it a wonderful feeling of calm. For some reason, already I am in the process of just getting things done. There doesn’t seem to be a hectic schedule to adhere to, nor a list of daunting projects that need to meet a specific timetable. There is however,…


Sunset Season

I am entranced by the Sunset Season here in Southern California! While most people around me love the long leisurely days of summer, I am quietly and patiently awaiting the cooler days of autumn. The shadows become longer and the sunsets here in La Jolla, California become living artwork. It is this time of year when I truly connect with…


Fermented Fig Vinegar

Finding a creative outlet that is both productive and satisfying is so important when I am working in my kitchen. I like to research and read as much as I can about certain processes before I start experimenting. In the case of this Fermented Fig Vinegar, patience and time yield an absolutely incredible end product. With an over abundance of…


Creating the Life You Want to Live

I recently read an article by Melinda Gates on LinkedIn. In her article, “The Massive Hidden Cost of Women’s Unpaid Work”, she illustrates the huge, obscure and real costs of women’s unpaid work. This resonated deeply for me. I have never not worked! Although by today’s standards, some will never see me. I have been the invisible force behind many…


End of Summer Days

As summer winds down and the shadows become longer, there are still many reasons to celebrate the season’s transition and transformation. For almost a decade now, I have been a fan of Il Palagio, the Tuscan home and winery of Sting and his beautiful wife, Trudie. I have watched, admired and learned so much from the transformation of a neglected…


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