Ever Wonder

Differences abound and perspectives collide. There are billions of little hearts all trying to shine brightly at the same time. Individuality and the freedom to express it are at the cornerstone of any good imagination. Without the imagination, our ability to explore and pursue the expansion of our creative mind can easily be lost in the shadow of what we… View Post


There are so many beautiful things in this world that feel as though they have been stripped from us. I’m hoping to share that they are all still here, perhaps even more beautiful and bountiful than you have been used to seeing! I have received a few messages over the past few weeks that have made me aware of how… View Post

A Colorful Spring

Getting my little backyard ready for the beautiful weather around the corner is always something I enjoy spending time doing. It gets me outside, which is my favorite place to be, and it gets me moving in ways that my regular exercise routine and stretching just don’t. The first major project was the removal of 5 overgrown Cypress Trees along… View Post

Inspirare: to Breathe In

Whenever I find my brain thinking too much or worse yet, talking to itself on rewind, I gently pull in a long, deep breath: A breath deep enough to fill even the most remote spaces in my body. Many years ago, when I first started taking yoga classes, I learned there are 3 chambers in the lungs. The first being… View Post

Humble Beginnings

This past week I finally found the courage to start using my voice in my stories on Instagram @life_around_my_table! I’m Serious!!! This was a huge step for me. What’s that quote? “The Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu Certainly, it is true that great things start from humble beginnings. Thank you for all of the… View Post

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