Stay At Home

It’s official here in San Diego and throughout California; We are being told to STAY AT HOME. Schools will be closed through at least April 6, 2020, due to COVID-19. Of course, my teenage son and his buddies are very excited about this news and were intent to go out for lunch one last time to see what the surrounding… View Post

Awaken and Rise

More and more I find myself looking forward to Spring. I noticed just yesterday that my fig tree has begun to awaken. It has sprouted a few baby leaves and buds of what will become the most delicious fruit. I remember that last year these little leaves appeared right on the first day of Spring. So, I guess even Spring… View Post

Quiet Reflections

Perseverance is Everything We can all start something, but do we have the courage and focus to stay the course? We can apply this to relationships, hobbies, work related goals, task lists, nutritional diets, and individual character choices. The list is endless. Do we have the patience to see things through with integrity and a moral compass? Life is certainly… View Post

It’s All About The Dance

Have you had those precious moments when everything around you seems to be effortlessly moving in harmony?You know you’re in the moment and the groove is flawless?Those are the times when I just know I am living my life to it’s truest calling.   Then there are those moments when it’s just NOT! Somehow, I’m still living my life to… View Post


SHOWING A WILLINGNESS TO TAKE SURPRISINGLY BOLD RISKS Have you ever felt compelled to just do something, even though outwardly it didn’t look like all the pieces aligned? Yet, there was this little voice inside that kept urging you forward in a new and uncharted direction. Not only that, there was this enthusiastic sensation and bubbling excitement that somehow you… View Post

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