Sassafras Tapestry Handbag


The Sassafras Tapestry Handbag is color rich with warming tones of rust, gold, forest floor green, and hints of black. The interior showcases a beautiful Ralph Lauren textile in colors of root beer, golden ale and Marsala wine.

These handbags are designed as perfect travel companions, with two deep outer pockets that accommodate a large phone and easy to grab essentials. The full zipper across the front opens to a fully lined interior that is hand finished. When worn with a complementing Zingara Crossbody Strap, these handbags become an easy, hands free, and style forward way to explore. The resin bamboo handle is a beautiful addition to its design.

(Zingara Crossbody Straps are sold separately)

This handbag measures approximately 13inches wide x 12.5inches high.

Shown with La Zingara Folk Art Crossbody Strap

(each piece sold separately)


The collection of Tapestry Handbags and Crossbody Straps by La Zingara Designs is designed by artisan maker, Diana Amato. Each is meticulously crafted by hand, one at a time, giving every attention to detail, function and beauty.

There are only a few available in the world at any given time.

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