SHOWING A WILLINGNESS TO TAKE SURPRISINGLY BOLD RISKS Have you ever felt compelled to just do something, even though outwardly it didn’t look like all the pieces aligned? Yet, there was this little voice inside that kept urging you forward in a new and uncharted direction. Not only that, there was this enthusiastic sensation and bubbling excitement that somehow you…

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Sunset Season

I am entranced by the Sunset Season here in Southern California! While most people around me love the long leisurely days of summer, I am quietly and patiently awaiting the cooler days of autumn. The shadows become longer and the sunsets here in La Jolla, California become living artwork. It is this time of year when I truly connect with…

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Fermented Fig Vinegar

Finding a creative outlet that is both productive and satisfying is so important when I am working in my kitchen. I like to research and read as much as I can about certain processes before I start experimenting. In the case of this Fermented Fig Vinegar, patience and time yield an absolutely incredible end product. With an over abundance of…

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