La Zingara Debut

Welcome Friends! I’m very excited and pleased to announce that La Zingara is making its debut today! La Zingara translates from Italian, meaning the Gypsy; a free spirited person who has a passion for life and its adventures. This has been a passion of mine for quite some time and I’m so happy to be able to share with you…


The Alchemy of Transformation

Happy Sunday Everyone! There have been, and I am sure there will be, many choices along the path of midlife that have challenged me to remain open and be perhaps even less guarded. To be able to stand in the shade of this mighty oak tree with the knowing that it’s energy flows through me, gives me a calm strength.…


What If It Does?

How many times do we tell ourselves that things are not going according to plan? What if, instead, we have the internal dialogue that summons the courage to state that indeed, it all is happening for the best possible outcome? Over the past six months, I have travelled cross country from the sandy, sun kissed beaches of the Pacific Ocean…


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